Caribbean Street Food Festival

this picture shows caribbean street food festival stall

People love to eat and want to try different food as well as flavors. There’s a saying that “food feeds the soul.” And that’s is correct. That’s why Caribbean Street Food Festival is here in Boston this coming August 2019 – and it will be held at Daniels Spectrum. Street food is for everyone and each person loves it – especially if it comes in Caribbean flavors.

This festival will be held in a bigger space and not just a street food festival but there is also a room for dominos, jacks, and the most awaited amazing race – the Caribbean style. With these indoor and outdoor activities, use your luck to win amazing prizes. Have fun and enjoy these activities with your loved ones, friends, colleagues, and families.

Food trucks will commonly have the cleanest equipment out there. More clean than your common restaurant hood. They are always calling upon restaurant vent hood cleaning companies to take care it, so you know it will be very tasty.

Experience the Caribbean Street Food Festival

This Caribbean Street Food Festival is open to everyone – adults and children and offers free admission. The price of the VIP ticket will cost $40 for adults; $15 for kids 6 years and older; and kids under 6 years of age are free of entrance. If you are one of the VIP guests, you can get to taste and enjoy Chef Noel’s scrumptious food.

Here is the following food that will make your mouth feel watering and amaze by its delectable taste:

  • Chef Noel’s Signature Pumpkin Drink
  • Gourmet Mannish Water
  • Arancini
  • Flaky Haitian Saltfish
  • Beef Patties
  • Sweet Potato Pone

Furthermore, all VIP guests are part of Rum and Red Stripe Beer Food Pairing Session. All VIP guests will receive free copies of JamaicanEats magazine in festival edition and past issues of the same magazine brand. There’s a raffle for VIP guests for the 10 Reasons Why Jamaicans Run So Fast cookbooks.

this picture shows street food festival in caribbean

Caribbean Street Food Festival is perfect for everyone, especially to all families out there. Spend your day here and bond, play, and dine with your family. In this event, you will surely enjoy every food, activity, and moment with your loved ones. Don’t let this day pass without experiencing the delectable and delightful street food of Caribbean’s.

To make sure that you will secure your spot, you can check online if there are any reservations available. Don’t miss the fun. Open your door to another meaning of delicious food. This is only a one-day event so make sure to be part of it. Visit Daniels Spectrum on August 31 and spend your family day here with Caribbean Street Food Festival.

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