Ontario’s Butter Tart Festival

this picture shows ontario butter tart festival food

Sweets are a weakness of folks. When it comes to the Ontario’s Butter Tart Festival, this festival facilitates lakhs baked butter tarts and more. This is the best festival for sweet and dessert lovers. You can satisfy your craving of sweet in this festival.

Experience Butter Tart Festival

A festival is organized and expert to amateurs chefs take part. They vow to cook the best butter and Ontario’s tarts. The festival attracts international foodie’s attention. If you want to enjoy the festival make it sure to go hungry! Enjoy sweet butter tarts at the shore of Georgian Bay!

Activities and Vendors

Activities start at 9 AM and there are entertainers and buskers, live chainsaw performance, kids zone, and over 300 vendors including the trucks of foods! The sweets including rising, walnut, tarts galore, pumpkin, cheesecake and many more!

Activities and Vendors are the main part of the Best Butter Festival and they make this festival more beautiful and people love to take part in this festival from the whole of Canada.

this image shows a butter tart for ontario's butter tart festival


If you think you can make delicious butter tarts in Ontario? Take part in this festival and experts celebrities, local dignitaries will judge your cooking. A separate judging category is available for wild style and traditional category along with finest in the show!


Live entertainment is hosted at Town Dock, Rotary Club Midland hosts free, and the live entertainment includes Matt Garber, The Mugs, Meghan Ann, and the Southern Comfort! The area will transform into the 20 Party on deck event for the evening time!

Entertainment is at a high level and makes the event more attractive for folks who love to eat sweet desserts and want to enjoy too.

Community BBQ Free

A community BBQ party hosted from 11 PM to PM at the king Place retirement there all are welcome! They sell butter tarts as well! (Apparently)

With 200,000 butter sweet tarts for sale, music, entertainment, and entertaining activities, no wonder this is known as the sweetest day of the whole year! This is one of the best community BBQ party of Canada people love to take part in this community free BBQ party.

Maple Leaf Alumni

There is greet and meet with the Toronto Alumni Maple Leaf Mike Shakey Walton and the 5 times cup winner of Maple Leaf Eddie Shake in the Harbourside Park!

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