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Top Restaurants in Fullerton

If you’re looking for a delicious dining experience, Fullerton has plenty of top-notch restaurants to choose from. From Mexican food to seafood, there’s something for everyone in this city. Here are some of the best restaurants in Fullerton. I can say this having eaten at many of these restaurants after doing Orange County commercial pressure washing.

La Habra Depot

This historic restaurant is known for its Traditional American cuisine, including burgers, steaks, and chicken dishes. The restaurant also has a full bar and extensive wine list. This restaurant had a great recently remodeled bathroom done by Fullerton Bathroom Remodeling.

Inka Grill

This Peruvian restaurant offers a wide range of authentic dishes, including ceviche, causitas, and tacu tacu. The waitstaff is friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, and the atmosphere is cozy and inviting.… Read the rest

The Annual Dinner at the Farm – A Night of Culinary Enchantment A San Diego Food Event

Communicating inspiration, promoting tourism or business, or filling-in with gastronomic knowledge. Perhaps, that’s what comes to our minds when we ponder upon the purpose of a food festival. But San Diego’s ‘Annual Dinner at the farm’ makes it quite evident and clear that food festivals are not only a source of leisure and entertainment. Instead, food festivals can substantially help us in serving our very own community!

this picture shows the annual dinner at the farm which is a night of culinary enchantment in Toronto food event

Join the Annual Dinner at the Farm San Diego Food Event

The Annual Dinner at the Farm is a culinary night-event held in San Diego which aims to raise funds for the greater good of the Black Creek Community Farm. What’s more, the event brings together the top-ranking, skilled chefs from all over California, and the best of locally grown fruits and vegetables. They’re also known for having some of the cleanest restaurants out there, thanks to very regular kitchen hood cleaning by some of the best. Collectively, the event is an ideal depiction of the perfect Al-fresco dining, which propagates both taste and well-being.… Read the rest

Caribbean Street Food Festival

this picture shows caribbean street food festival stall

People love to eat and want to try different food as well as flavors. There’s a saying that “food feeds the soul.” And that’s is correct. That’s why Caribbean Street Food Festival is here in Boston this coming August 2019 – and it will be held at Daniels Spectrum. Street food is for everyone and each person loves it – especially if it comes in Caribbean flavors.

This festival will be held in a bigger space and not just a street food festival but there is also a room for dominos, jacks, and the most awaited amazing race – the Caribbean style. With these indoor and outdoor activities, use your luck to win amazing prizes. Have fun and enjoy these activities with your loved ones, friends, colleagues, and families.

Food trucks will commonly have the cleanest equipment out there. More clean than your common restaurant hood. They are always calling upon restaurant vent hood cleaning companies to take care it, so you know it will be very tasty.

Experience the Caribbean Street Food Festival

This Caribbean Street Food Festival is open to everyone – adults and children and offers free admission. The price of the VIP ticket will cost $40 for adults; $15 for kids 6 years and older; and kids under 6 years of age are free of entrance. If you are one of the VIP guests, you can get to taste and enjoy Chef Noel’s scrumptious food. … Read the rest

Ontario’s Butter Tart Festival

this picture shows ontario butter tart festival food

Sweets are a weakness of folks. When it comes to the Ontario’s Butter Tart Festival, this festival facilitates lakhs baked butter tarts and more. This is the best festival for sweet and dessert lovers. You can satisfy your craving of sweet in this festival.

Experience Butter Tart Festival

A festival is organized and expert to amateurs chefs take part. They vow to cook the best butter and Ontario’s tarts. The festival attracts international foodie’s attention. If you want to enjoy the festival make it sure to go hungry! Enjoy sweet butter tarts at the shore of Georgian Bay!

Activities and Vendors

Activities start at 9 AM and there are entertainers and buskers, live chainsaw performance, kids zone, and over 300 vendors including the trucks of foods! The sweets including rising, walnut, tarts galore, pumpkin, cheesecake and many more!… Read the rest

Taste of India Food Festival Canada

If you have thousands of taste buds, start firing all at the Taste of India Festival Toronto, Nathan Phillips Square this coming August on Sunday 4, 2019 from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Mind-blowing dance performances and Musical Melodies make this festival more entertaining. You can enjoy hundreds of dishes from India and over 60+ vendors and restaurants. If you are a foodie must visit this delicious food festival, it’s one of the largest Indian Food Festival. In these festivals, kids will enjoy too because they have a kid’s zone including activities like cricket Gully stimulator and filled fun of entertainment.

India Food Festival in Canada

Indian foods taste is conceptualized as completely different and unique. In Toronto Canada, the street food culture is booming day by day and it’s making an important contribution to the economics, environmental fabric and social environment of the city. This is one of the best food festival in Toronto for food lovers. Let’s discuss some positive facts about this food festival and why you must visit India Food festival in Toronto.

It Promotes Unique Food Culture

this picture shows different dish for the taste of india food festival canada

This is one of the unique food festivals in Canada, it always promotes unique food culture. It also helps to boom the economy of Canada. Canada is rapidly increasing the unique food culture and booming their economy because this food festival gains a huge revenue for Canada’s economy. It’s a completely fresh idea in Canada and Taste of Indian Food Festival is contributing very positively into this culture.… Read the rest

Taste of Manila

Filipino Food

this image shows the filipino food for the taste of manila

Have you ever tried Filipino food? Do you love to eat Filipino cuisine? If yes, then this food event called “Taste of Manila” is perfect for you. For those who still have not tried Filipino food yet, join and come to Taste of Manila to try one – each food is worth trying. In this food event, the Taste of Manila, you will have an opportunity to try different and authentic Filipino food – from the main course to delicacies. Filipinos are known to cook each food with a loving heart – so experience Taste of Manila and be amazed at how Filipino food tastes like.… Read the rest

Taste of the Danforth- A Famous Toronto Food Event

The yearly street food festival commends in the Greektown along the Danforth Avenue in Toronto. The Taste of Danforth has expanded greatly while offering original food flavors from around the world!

this picture shows a taste of the danforth a famous toronto food event

The event continues for 3-days in which an estimated amount of 1.6 million people gather annually. With general free admission, thousands of food-loving Canadians and tourists rejoice while tasting different cuisines in the energy-filled atmosphere.

Know the Taste of Danforth-A-Famous Toronto Food Event

Multiethnic Food

From well-known food brands to homemade treats, be ready to enjoy all kinds of mouth-watering tastes. People wait all year round for the Taste of the Danforth. It is popular for the exotic multiethnic food range!

There is a proper seating arrangement and food section. The people at the Taste of the Danforth can conveniently enjoy their meals and upgrade the taste buds accordingly. There is a wide offering a vast pool of food variety for not more than $6. At the Taste of the Danforth, you can find the best place to experience mouthwatering cuisine at economical rates.


With the Greektown having a population of 200,000 Greek residents, the Taste of Danforth hosts “It’s all Greek for the Day” event to celebrate the Greek heritage. However, this street-food festival also tends to celebrate the diversity of people present in the whole of Canada.

The multiculturalism of Canada includes Greek, South Asian, Chinese, Cuban, Japanese, Mexican, Jamaican, Persian, and many more!

The Taste of the Danforth’s program “Let’s Dance” provides the opportunity for people to exhibit their distinct traditional dance styles. Also, the Celebrity Stage allows masses to showcase their talent, whether it be singing or dancing. There are special performance from Bollywood dancers as well as Italian singers to brighten up the night and spread over an energetic-sensation!


Apart from dancing and eating, the Taste of the Danforth offers various other entertainment features that are going to leave you buzzing for the entire day!… Read the rest

Toronto’s Ultimate Chocolate Tour

this picture shows toronto's ultimate chocolate tour

Do you love to eat chocolates and indulge its delightful taste? Do you know someone who also loves to eat sweets? Well, Toronto is having its chocolate tour event called Toronto’s Ultimate Chocolate Tour. This food event will introduce you to something chocolate tour and you should not let this pass without experiencing your dream tour.

Experience Toronto’s Ultimate Chocolate Tour

This is the only tour when it comes to chocolates so don’t ever miss the fun! Toronto’s Ultimate Chocolate Tour food event started running last May 5 and up until December 8. Its exact schedule is every weekend – Saturday & Sunday at 10:30 in the morning up to 1 in the afternoon. Visit Soma on King, 443 King St. W. in Toronto, Canada. There is also street parking available for you and your family if you will go to the venue using your car; it is also accessible through public transportation.

What to expect from this event?

In this chocolate food event, you will get to taste different kinds of chocolates and how the pastry chef used their skills to make an art out of it. There is also chocolate cacao – from bean up to bar where you can see a sample and taste it. This event will not just let you taste different kinds of chocolates but you will also learn how to make a tasty and delectable taste of real chocolate.… Read the rest